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The Company

Amirinth is a company built around enhancing people’s lives. Whether it be through art—design & photography—or through the products we sell, the first thought in mind is always the recipient. We will listen to customers’ needs and respond accordingly with the friendliness and professionalism expected from those who serve others.

We’d love to bring your vision to life.

The Team

The dynamic duo at the heart of Amirinth
Miriam Dupont

Growing up in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire with a camera in hand and an artistic family supporting her, it was no surprise when Miriam began studying at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. She graduated in 2014 with a BFA in graphic design and photography and worked for several years in the graphic design field, never forgetting her photographic roots.

 Miriam has been photographing concerts and portraits for many years and recently ‘officially’ entered the world of food photography to better display her passion for the subject and as a way to document her culinary endeavors. By capturing something as fleeting as food, she is able to preserve the work and skill that goes into creating dishes long after the last bite is savored.

With a keen eye and a love of simplicity, Miriam is able to create a statement through her use of minimalism. She has a passion for learning new techniques and loves to explore new areas of photography, finding where she struggles and working to master the skill. When Miriam is not creating art, she cooks, explores the outside world, and reads…a lot.

Michael Dupont
Co-Owner/Lighting Guru

With the heart of a writer and the eyes of an artist, Michael is vital to the Amirinth duo. He is able to enhance the natural beauty of his subjects and bring out their inner stories through his lighting techniques and arrangement. Working with Miriam for over five years, Michael has absorbed a vast amount of photographic knowledge and is a key partner when it comes to determining composition and layout. Always looking for the story behind the photo, he is able to guide in the editing process to achieve the best possible results.

While keeping a cool, down-to-earth attitude, Michael is meticulous when it comes to the making sure every photo is pixel-perfect and compliments Miriam’s big-picture views with his detail-oriented mind. When he is not in the studio or being Miriam’s model, he is drawing, writing, and building with Legos.

Miriam and Michael Dupont live in central New Hampshire with their cat, Henry, and a whole lot of reptiles.

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